Wednesday, 6 January 2016


I pay Rs.200.
The lady sits beside me and reads out aloud, whatever appears on the screen.
I keep nodding.
Intermittently, she mumbles something on the lines of "You won't need this" and "Let's skip this".
Whenever I ask her a question, she repeats whatever she just said, only louder.

The same episode plays out every day, for five days.

No. I'm not blind and she is not reading to me.
No, no. She repeats, not because she thinks I'm partially deaf.

The lady did the things that she did, because, she knows no better MS Excel than I do. The difference is, I'm Rs.1000 poorer and she is Rs.1000 richer.

I suppress the urge to call her up and swear at her because that will leave me even poorer.

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