Saturday, 20 February 2016

Kozhi Kadai Maami

I found this sack containing old newspapers in a neglected corner of our house. Written on it, is a very intriguing set of words - Kozhi Kadai Maami. So I set about analyzing the paradox(or is it?)


                              The writer of the phrase has committed a சந்திப்பிழை. It should have read கோழிக்கடை மாமி.


1. The 'I need to grow up' possibility:

                               The maami in question sells dyed baby chicks. But in that case, the sack should have read கோழிக்குஞ்சுக்கடை மாமி(or கோழி குஞ்சு கடை மாமி, as the writer would have spelt it). Maybe the misspelling lazy bum wrote just கோழி and not கோழிக்குஞ்சு to save 3 seconds(and used the time to misspell another word.)

2. The 'landmark' possibility:

                               The sack belongs to a maami who lives in an area where Suguna Chicken is the most popular landmark.

3. The ridiculous possibility:

                               Maybe the writer meant : From - Kozhi kadai ; To - Maami. But in that case, what could the sack have contained?!

4. The sleazy possibility:

                               The sack belongs to a 'maami' who deals in 'chicks'. I am not going to elaborate.

5. The fortuitous possibility:

                                A mischief monger wrote the contradictory phrases next to each other, intending to make the reader smile/think/write about it. And, it reached me, of all people, through a tender coconut vendor. Fortuity, they call it.

6. The 'RIP Thamizh' possibility:

                                Maybe the writer meant to write கோலி and wrote கோழி instead. So, maybe the maami in question runs/owns a shop that sells Goli Gundu or Goli soda or both.

7. The 'Haste makes waste' possibility:

                                Maybe the writer started to write 'Kozhi kadai மாமிசம்' (God knows why someone would write that) but an impatient someone snatched the sack from the writer at the exact moment when he/she finished writing 'மாமி'.

8. The seemingly obvious but blasphemous possibility:

                                On the lines of 'Medical shop அண்ணாச்சி', 'Kari kadai Bai' etc., - 'Kozhi kadai maami'. As plain as that. A Thamizh Brahmin woman who owns/runs a chicken slaughterhouse.


                        Yes, I'm this jobless.

P.S : My brother suggested #7.


  1. Omg "U hv thot this much abt this crap".
    Really grt. Especially the 4th one :p

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  4. No no..u r not jobless...U just spoke out ur thgts...whereas ppl like me r lazy to tell them out and try msking ppl understand them which they surely wont...