Friday, 11 March 2016

Have you felt sulk lately?

               Draped in violet. Smooth. Enchanting. Pure. Flawless. Perfect cuts. Sexy. Inviting(or mouth- watering?)

               She is not just another watch-and-forget figure from an advertisement. She is not just another random acquaintance from a lavish birthday party. 

               She is like none other.

               People ogle at her, boys and girls alike. But that's not why she is special.

               She can seduce even a corpse. But that's not why she is special.

               I returned home that evening, thinking all about her. 

               I searched the kitchen bare. She wasn't there. 
               Just then, my mother casually told me she had given her away to our neighbour.

               Given. Her. Away. 
               GIVEN. HER. AWAY.

               Hell hath no fury like someone robbed of their Silk. 
               Silk as in Smitha? No.
               Silk robbed as in Draupadi's Vastraharan? No.

               The Silk. The Dairy Milk Silk. From The Teacher. In appreciation of this.

               So, have I felt Silk lately? 
               The bland, expensive bar of chocolate? 


  1. Diasppointment for me too...I started imagining HER, and u made her melt away...Grrrrr....