Tuesday, 5 June 2018

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I have a mild disdain for labels, but I wouldn’t mind owning merchandise bearing the word ‘Austenite’. No, I’m not scientific enough to be talking about the iron allotrope.

I read Emma by Jane Austen. Such thorough characterization (of the female lead, primarily), insightful portrayal of the dynamics of social and intimate relationships, and cheeky social commentary. All this, when personality types, behavioral sciences and attachment theory weren’t a thing!

And how curious, Emma was written after Pride and Prejudice. I like to think that the author’s notions of passionate love maturing into something steadier explains how starkly the male lead in one differs from the other.

Up for some quasi-fanfiction?

Meet three of the Universe’s very own stock characters:

1.        Jane – Anxious-preoccupied

2.       Mr. Darcy – Avoidant-dismissive

3.       Mr. Knightley/Miss Elizabeth – Secure





What happens next, is stuff that can make for rich content worth two seasons of Solvadhellam unmai.
But, like Emma reflects, if it furthers self-knowledge, it can hardly be bad, can it?
Oh, joy.

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