Monday, 1 February 2016

Sivagamiyin Sabadham

(I wouldn't say the following piece contains spoilers because it wouldn't make any sense to anyone(even those who have read it) other than those who have just read it. But in case you are as sensitive a reader to spoilers as I am, (that is, if, like I did, you consciously skip the title of each chapter fearing it might contain spoilers) I suggest you read the book first.)

Username : Sivagami Sweety (referred to hereinafter as SS)

Profile picture : Coy looking cat

Username : Maamallar mAsSsSsS (referred to hereinafter as MM)

Profile picture : Maamallar seated on his chariot (A caption that reads 'With my beast')


MM : Hey, love.
SS : மறவேன்  மறவேன் என்று வேலின் மீது ஆணையிட்ட மன்னரும் மறப்பாரோ நீல மயிலே?
MM : எனக்கு எங்க அப்பானா மட்டும் தான் பயம்.மத்தபடி I love you.
SS : Grow a spine, honey.
MM : By the way, do you think my father knows about our clandestine affair?
SS : Clandestine, huh? Kannapiraan knows. Paranjothi knows. Shatrughnan knows. Gundotharan knows. And you think Mahendra Varmar - the God of espionage and wit - doesn't know?
MM : *sigh*



(Maamallar at Kanchipuram; Sivagami at Vatapi)

MM : சண்டாளி! பாதகி! 
SS : Stop calling me names!
MM : You dug your own grave by leaving Kanchi.
SS : I left Kanchi so as not to disappoint Your Highness when he visits மண்டபப்பட்டு.
(Points tally : MM - 1 ; SS - 1.)

MM : You left Kanchi because of your father's obsession for Ajantha.
SS : Just as you came for me driven by your father's obsession for clan honour.
(Points tally : MM - 2; SS - 2.)

MM : Pulikesi isn't your captor. Stubbornness is. You should've come with me when I came for you.
SS : And married your father?
(Points tally : MM - 3; SS - 3.)

SS : Apparently, Mahendra Varmar is a slave of tradition, too. His disapproval of our love is solely because my hemoglobin is not of the royal kind.

MM : ...
(Points tally : MM - 3: SS - 4.)

Meanwhile, Kalki : I heard the book was 'epic'. So it is only justified that each of you has a hamartia. Let the blame game cease.


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